Sunday Supper

I am hoping that while I chronicle our days, I will also give you some insight on our food, as that is a huge part of our trips. Today was simple. We had a small breakfast at Tim Horton’s and ended up skipping lunch while we paddled all day. This trip does not allow for very much time to stop, except for the portages, but why stop then when you are almost at your destination? So once we got to our site, we were good and hungry, needing something quick. We made up a bag of Thrive Life Chili Express. I had also prepped a single serving of Thrive Life Tomato Sauce, freeze dried veggies, Thrive Life Instant Black Beans and some Small Beef Dices that we added to it in hopes of decreasing the “heat” for the kids. We also sprinkled some freeze dried cheese on top. Unfortunately it was still too spicy for the kids and they didn’t eat as much as they should have. Trev and I had just enough but were hungry an hour later. Next year, we will either forgo this meal, or double it up.


I am sorry there are no photos of the specific meal. Unfortunately I failed miserably in this regard this trip. But I’ll try to show you the products anyways. It’s also unfortunate that our first meal did not go as smoothly as we had hoped, but I’m also documenting this for us next year. Don’t worry though! The food does get better!!

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