We fit! Well … sort of ….

Setting off! Not pictured here: Derk. He is sitting in front of me.

I admit, we are a bit crazy. The kids are now 8, 6 and 5 years old. We have been canoe camping with our children since my oldest, Derk, was 9 months old.  We did take a couple of years off of backcountry camping when we had Zeke, our youngest. But since he was two, we’ve been going strong. We pile everything into a canoe and head out into the wilderness for a week at a time. It’s absolute paradise.

This one week of the year is something we look forward to all year long. It’s been interesting enough doing this with three kids, but as we have now been at it for three years we decided to add an extra element: our new dog.


Enter Odin: an 85 lb Great Dane mixed breed dog who has never been in a canoe. We adopted him 6 months ago and we have been so impressed with his gentle spirit and calm attitude, we though why not add him into the mix too?

There’s Odin! Second time in a canoe and he’s laying down!!

Today I can successfully say we did it! And all on one of the most intense paddles I’ve ever done. After approximately 4 hours of canoeing and portaging, we didn’t tip once. We were pretty low in the water and we didn’t have a ton of room, but that’s okay! We are home in our paradise.


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