The Journey Began

We have been backcountry camping since our oldest, who is now 8, was 9 months old. Trev obviously had some experience before we started. There is nothing like being surrounded by wilderness and waking up to nothing but the sound of birds singing and waves lapping the shore. For us, camping is not about being minimalists and “surviving off the land”. We aren’t here to win any trophies on roughing it. We simply enjoy getting away from literally everything and enjoying this beautiful land that God has given us.


We also love food. It’s a huge part of our lives. So when we go camping, when there is no pressure of time or work, we like to eat well.

There are several issues with trying to fit these lifestyle choices together. For one, we now have 3 kids who are too young to hold their own on the water and on portages so space and weight in our canoe are a premium. Secondly, how do you eat well for a week when you have no refrigeration, no space and things tend to get squished on the journey?

This is where glamping comes in. Over the years we have had to upgrade our gear and food to accommodate our long canoe trips. We hope you find our methods helpful and we hope you enjoy reading about our camping life.


-Alicia and Trevor

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