Coffee – via the Espro Press P7

For Christmas this year, we received a french press for our camping trips. Coffee is one thing we struggle with when we go camping. Instant coffee is plain nasty, even the more expensive brands. We already purchased a simple Coleman coffee perk for on the campstove but it is finicky and has a tendency to boil over, leaving grinds in our coffee and all over our stove. We just have never gotten the knack of it and we need something that we don’t have to babysit.

We had our eye on french presses but we don’t really know how they work and the cost did hold us back, especially as we had already purchased a coffee perk. Needless to say we were very excited about this thing of beauty.


This is a durable stainless steel press with a double filter that makes 18 oz of coffee – enough for 4 regular cups. It is insulated so holds heat quite well while the coffee is brewing. (We can attest to that!) The limitation is the weight. At 30 oz, this thing is not for the backpacker or someone who is counting weight.


We were supposed to do a trial run before coming in, but that never happened. Instead, we relied on a quick YouTube search, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

Well, this coffee maker did NOT disappoint! Our first attempt was too strong due to improper coffee:water ratios but that was the only day it didn’t work. We had perfect coffee. There were NO grinds. It was HOT. It was delicious. As an added perk, once you press, it stops the steeping so you can leave it be for a bit with no worries! It also takes WAY less propane than a traditional camping coffee perk. Win-Win!

Here is how we made it:

  1. Bring water to just before boiling.
  2. Add 4 scoops of coffee grinds to the coffee pot and fill with hot water.
  3. Wait one minute. Stir. Place the lid on the pot with the plunger fully extended.
  4. After 7-9 minutes (or when you remember), press the plunger down. Serve.
  5. For a second pot, add hot water and one more scoop of coffee grinds to the pot.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4.

A perfect cup. Now, we like our coffee on the stronger side, so you may need to adjust slightly, but this is the gist. We will never go anywhere without this beautiful french press and will never have to worry about boil overs, weak coffee, or eating coffee grinds again.


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