This morning we slept in. Even Odin and Derk lasted until 7am. And then everyone was up, including the entire other tent. Odin called Stranger-Danger on Ken who was already outside. Oops! It’s a good thing we have amazing coffee to wake us all up.

Breakfast this morning, as all pancake breakfasts are, was a drawn out ordeal but we love our gourmet meals when we are out here so we don’t let a bit of time and propane stop us. Everyone was satisfied and it was a great start to the day.

Ken, the master cook.

Heidi found a large roll of birch bark in the forest. In short order, she, Sharon, Leah, Zeke and Ria all created some really fun birch bark watercolour paintings. It’s such a gift having this family here with us. Art is not a strength of mine so I loved watching the creativity of the girls as they blended nature with painting. It was such a blessing for my kids to see the limitless opportunities of expression using the nature around them.

After that we all settled in at the beach. Who am I kidding? Derk was already there, perfecting his sand fortress.  He challenged Trev and Sharon to a fortress building competition that would finish off with a battle. Trev and Derk placed army men of opposing colours on their fortresses in strategic locations while Sharon used her own army figures – small minions and Littlest Pet Shop figures. The rules of the game were simple: Knock down as many men from the opposing fortresses by throwing things at them. Derk called truce for his men first when one got beheaded by one of Trev’s rocks. By and large, Trev was the winner. No surprise there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The rest of the afternoon was spent swimming, playing in the sand some more, and just relaxing.  There was a mud fight, a game of skippy ball hacky sac, reading, a bocce ball game, and some naps fit in.

Supper was simple: Sloppy Joes on wraps. It looks like the evening is going to be spent along the same lines as the rest of the day. Tomorrow will be a bit more exciting, we hope. Baring good weather, we are off on a day trip to see some rapids. We are definitely looking forward to it!


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