Wine. Courtesy of Platypus PlatyPreserve and GSI.


This was another new thing for us this year. A “Father’s Day gift” from me to Trev. Except with my excitement surrounding it, I think it may have been more for me.

Trev and I love wine. Especially a good dry red wine, which is bonus because no refrigeration during camping is required! We’ve never taken it camping with us though as we do NOT like stale wine.

Then I found this little Platypus bladder in an outdoors store so instantly decided we needed it. This bladder can fit an entire bottle of red wine, worry free.  It carried in well and our first night, the wine was perfect. We were able to push a lot of the air out to extend the life of the wine so it tasted pretty good the second night as well.  We saved our last glasses for our last night. By then, predictably, the wine was not in top shape any more so the bladder does not work miracles.

Of course, glamping me says that we can’t have the wine without the glasses so I bought these ridiculously awkward non-collapsing plastic wine glasses that (I think) GSI made. At least they were stemless! For myself, I need plastic anyways. Long ago the privilege of crystal glasses was taken away from me due to too many wine glass deaths. The glasses are, in my opinion, a necessary part of wine though and they were worth the extra frivolous space for us 🙂

Edit:: Trev says I don’t give the wine glasses enough credit. They were a perfect vessel for our wine. We justified the space by packing them with our extra tea towels and dish cloths so there really wasn’t any space wasted at all! 🙂

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