Well, today did not go according to plan.  Sometime through the night it started raining.  And it didn’t really stop until …. 3pm? There was enough of a break for breakfast and then lunch, but overall it was a pretty wet day. Because of that we didn’t end up going on our trek.

It’s still overcast tonight. Thankfully it’s warm or else we may not have fared as well. The kids were in and out of the tent in the morning and spent a bit of time in the water. However, after about the fourth time of brushing sand from their feet and/or changing wet clothing, we stayed tent-bound the rest of the day until the rain officially let up.


The kids and I passed our time filling out Ontario Parks Activity Books, drawing, colouring, playing cards, eating a bit of Bulk Barn candy, reading, and taking a nap. We honestly were just grateful that our tent was dry.

The cousins, unfortunately, did not fare as well as us. The rain was intense and pretty much everything in their tent got wet. That said, a positive attitude and a hot supper go a long way. Despite this setback, they have remained in good spirits and are enjoying our little bit of paradise. We were able to air everything out this afternoon, but the sun didn’t really show its face today so I’m not sure how much the wind helped their situation. I’m hoping they sleep okay tonight.


Trev’s day was a bit more exciting than mine, though he was considerably more wet than I was. He spent a good chunk of the day on the beach and the short time he left it, a moose left its tracks along the shore. This afternoon Trev and Heidi spent their time trying to find it. They took a canoe ride and even did some bush whacking. They didn’t have any luck but they did find moose droppings everywhere behind our site. Here’s hoping tomorrow will bring us some luck.

Trev loves taking pictures of fungi.
Odin found a grouse! And didn’t even chase it!

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