Odin: The Canoe Dog

If I must be honest, the addition of Odin has put our family canoe weight over the tipping point. I am used to flying through the water for our day trips and with Odin, it’s like we are still carrying a full load, which I guess we are.

Don’t get me wrong: he is a GREAT canoe dog. He sits there, even sleeps in the canoe. But he hates bugs and when one lands on him, which is a lot, he snaps at it and rocks the boat. Or he sleeps against the edge of the canoe, making it very tricky to balance while the rest of us shift our weight to accommodate, only to readjust when he wakes up again. Because of his throwing us off balance, we had a good speed wobble going a couple of times on this trip.


Trev and I agree that while Odin is a great camping and canoe dog, as long as someone is able to watch him for us, we will likely leave him at home for the next few trips until the kids are strong enough to pull their own weight in the water.


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