This morning we said goodbye to the cousins. Everyone had a great sleep and woke up dry. I slept in 🙂

After breakfast, Trev and I did the dishes while the cousins packed up. By 10am they were pushing off. We had such an amazing time with them and will miss them.

On the other side of the coin, the peace that comes with sheer decreased in people has descended on the camp. The rest of today was, well, peaceful. Our pace slowed down drastically.

For myself, I’m thinking it had something to do with my self-imposed (and completely unnecessary, though I couldn’t help myself) feelings of playing hostess to a family that has not been camping in a very long time.  The last time they did any camping was when Heidi was a baby (other than one summer that they used a trailer) and even longer since they had been backcountry camping. More than anything, we wanted them to have an amazing experience here. We also knew that food was a sore spot for them with regards to this type of camping so we wanted to show them how much a difference freeze dried food can make.

Trev and I took stock of our food supply, finding out that one of the suppers we served the family was the wrong one so we had plenty of food. We had apple, cheese and summer sausage wraps for lunch then I ended up reading the last 1/3 of the book I brought, The Princess Bride, to everyone over the course of the day, especially as it rained again for half an hour.

We also had another great afternoon on the beach, making more sand castles and playing. Unfortunately there are no photos of these sand castles as this morning our camera ran out of batteries so you are just going to have to take me at my word that mine was awesome.


I took the kids a bit farther from out in the water with the canoe so they could jump out and swim back to shore a few times. Ria tried her hand at catching garter snakes and succeeded twice! We also played some card games.

Just before supper Derk came down with heat exhaustion again 😥 complete with a headache and mild fever. He still ate his supper fine but went to bed right afterwards. Plenty of water and a couple of Advil and I hope he will feel better tomorrow. That said, I don’t think I’ll let him out without a hat again.

Shortly after Derk, the rest of us followed. It’s been another great day. We will see what tomorrow brings!


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