What a perfect day. We couldn’t have asked for better. There was a thunderstorm last night, apparently. I heard the rain but somehow slept through the rest. By Trev’s calculation, the closest lightning flash was 4 km away (or whatever 4 Mississippi’s is). Our site this morning was wet, but nothing like it was on Wednesday. Because of the rain, the water was a bit choppy this morning so instead of heading out first thing on our planned day trip, we had another leisurely pancake breakfast.


There was another reason for dawdling. Derk still wasn’t feeling well. We encouraged him to drink some more, gave him more Advil, and took things slow. He was still hungry though and managed to eat a decent breakfast which perked him up. The water also calmed during breakfast so by 10:30am we were off, with Derk essentially back to normal.

Day Trip 2 There.jpg

Our plan was to travel to another waterfall which, according to Jeff’s Map, was “quite pretty.” We were much better equipped for this trip than last time. Everyone had hats and we had lots of water and snacks WITH the utensils we needed to eat.

On our way, we tried to find Dizzy Lake, which was supposed to be behind our site with a creek connecting it to North Tea Lake. There was no sign of the creek but Trev was determined so we pulled over at the spot indicated on the map and he went bush whacking. What he found was an almost path to the lake which was actually quite close to where we were “docked.” Naturally, we all wanted to see this “hidden” lake so we all piled out to sneak a peak. It was gorgeous and totally worth the extra bug bites. Hopefully next year we can take some time to bring our canoe in and do some paddling. I am really sorry we didn’t have any photos of this lake. It was much larger than we expected and very undisturbed, though there were signs that at one point there was a path leading to it.

After that we were back on track to see the falls. Zeke had to go to the bathroom shortly after we pushed off again so we took a winding way around, trying to find an empty site with no luck until we were (unbeknownst to us) almost there. We stopped to let the kids run off some steam and have a snack. While we were there, we watched a very tiny garter snake swim to shore so I caught it and the kids took turns holding it. It was adorable!

After consulting the map a few times both at the site and on the water again, we made it to the portage spot where the falls were located. It was awesome! The rapids were a ton of fun to walk into and we watched some other travellers even sit underneath the falls. Even Odin was rock jumping to keep up with us. We spent at least an hour exploring and testing our footwork in the pull of the current. Again, I wish I had photos. I highly recommend taking some time to see this spot.

Courtesy of

After having another snack, we canoed back home. Unlike the other day, our trip to and from the falls was a piece of cake. The water was calm and it was just like canoeing on Penn. Even our return trip was made with very little hassle, except that I had forgotten my water bottle at the break site so we essentially took the same route home as we did on the way. There was only one trouble spot: The narrowing between North Tea East and West. That is a windy spot!! I must admit that my strength failed me there, when we needed it the most. We were bouncing up and down n the waves, taking the head first, much to the enjoyment of the kids. We made a game of it. It took forever. Thankfully, Trev has super human strength and we made it through. Another bonus is our site is only 3 sites away from that treacherous narrows and we have a huge beach so we docked early and I walked the canoe back to our site in the sandy waters.

Trev was hungry when we got back so we made up some KD for supper, played a bit on the beach, finished reading one of our Magic Tree House books, and the kids went to bed.


This is our last night here. I was almost ready to go home yesterday when the cousins left, but now I want to stay here forever. We are going to miss our Canadian Paradise. We’ve seen a LOT this trip and I am, as always, already longing for next year.


As I sip my last cup of wine tonight, on a beach, watching the sunset, with no one but my own family close by, I pray that you can all experience what we so often take for granted: the call of the loon, waking up to the waters lapping the beach, peaceful solitude, and a stunning wilderness.




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