Coming Home

  My plan today was to be pushing off by 9am. I had seen what the waters are like on North Tea Lake and knew that our journey would be lengthened by the fact that we were going against the current. The waters are typically calm in the morning and get wavy as the day... Continue Reading →


What a perfect day. We couldn't have asked for better. There was a thunderstorm last night, apparently. I heard the rain but somehow slept through the rest. By Trev's calculation, the closest lightning flash was 4 km away (or whatever 4 Mississippi's is). Our site this morning was wet, but nothing like it was on... Continue Reading →


This morning we said goodbye to the cousins. Everyone had a great sleep and woke up dry. I slept in 🙂 After breakfast, Trev and I did the dishes while the cousins packed up. By 10am they were pushing off. We had such an amazing time with them and will miss them. On the other... Continue Reading →

Odin: The Canoe Dog

If I must be honest, the addition of Odin has put our family canoe weight over the tipping point. I am used to flying through the water for our day trips and with Odin, it's like we are still carrying a full load, which I guess we are. Don't get me wrong: he is a... Continue Reading →


This. THIS is why we come every year. It didn't rain all night and, though damp, the cousins reported a good night's sleep. They requested pancakes for breakfast and after the day they had yesterday, we were more than happy to oblige. We also wanted to put in a day trip though, weather permitting, which... Continue Reading →


Well, today did not go according to plan.  Sometime through the night it started raining.  And it didn't really stop until .... 3pm? There was enough of a break for breakfast and then lunch, but overall it was a pretty wet day. Because of that we didn't end up going on our trek. It's still... Continue Reading →


This morning we slept in. Even Odin and Derk lasted until 7am. And then everyone was up, including the entire other tent. Odin called Stranger-Danger on Ken who was already outside. Oops! It's a good thing we have amazing coffee to wake us all up. Breakfast this morning, as all pancake breakfasts are, was a... Continue Reading →


Great sleep last night. After our unexpected restless sleep at the hotel, we were so happy to be in our tent. Finally. Unfortunately through the night Derk did suffer from some heat exhaustion. Thankfully I was sleeping right beside him so we managed okay. He had a head ache and was feeling nauseous so I... Continue Reading →


As always happens with us, we had a late start. It was a bit rainy and a bit cold so we decided to splurge on a motel last night. It wasn't a great motel. The floors were grimy, the beds were small, and the walls were thin.  It took forever for the kids to sleep... Continue Reading →

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